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Degree Authentication

Retail Price $7.00

Western offers a diploma authentication for students who have already graduated and have their physical diploma with them or have not yet picked it up within 2 years of their convocation. We do not notarize diplomas.

To qualify you must have your physical diploma* with you, or you your diploma in Student Central awaiting pickup (within 2 years of your convocation).

Step 1: Pay online using this site. After you have submitted the payment you will receive an email with the PurplePay reference number that shows you have paid.

Step 2: Complete this form to tell us what you would like us to do and email it to us at . *If you have your physical diploma with you, you will need to submit a photo of the diploma electronically for us to authenticate it.

Step 3: We will process the request in 4-5 business days (often sooner).